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A day in the life of a truck driver. A short Biopic of my father.

“Image of the Enemy” examines the perpetuation of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Shot on location, the film follows peripheral narratives through the voices of Israeli and Palestinian activists, students, religious leaders, child psychologists, among others. The project delivers such sociological ideas as “othering”, and utilizes themes of this conflict to highlight how societies create and sustain an “enemy”.

Image of the Enemy

Texas UnMedicaided

“Texas UnMedicaided”, a presentation of the issue of Medicaid Expansion in Texas. The goal of this project is to tell the story of working families who struggle to obtain medical care and insurance. We’ve presented this project at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio and various physician groups with hopes of including others in the conversation during the next state legislative session. Surrounding the patient stories in the film, we find commentary from experts in health policy, patient care, and advocacy.

My Inspiration

Gina Carra

"Boxing is a sport and an art."

-Gina Carra

The Cowboy

Joe Birch describes his life long dream to be a cowboy. 

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