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Kid Candidate

Documentary - 2021 SXSW Offical Selection


Kid Candidate - Documentary (2021)

In a time when young Americans increasingly feel cut off from politics and traditional institutions, Hayden Pedigo, a 24 year-old artists and musician in Amarillo, TX makes an unorthodox run for city council. 


Cast: Hayden Pedigo, L’Hannah Pedigo, Jeff Blackburn, Ginger Nelson, David Lovejoy, Tim Heidecker, Tim Heidecker, Agol Aloak, Claudia Stravato


Director: Jasmine Stodel,

Executive Producer: Van Toffler, Floris Bauer, Jude Harris, Barry Barclay,

Producer: Jasmine Stodel, Chevis LaBelle, William Dorrien-Smith,

Cinematographer: Homero Salinas,

Editor: William Dorrien-Smith, Bryan Yokomi

Behind The Scenes


Kid Candidate

LA TIMES: "‘Kid Candidate’ shows politics isn’t a joke"

Uproxx: "‘Kid Candidate’ Is An Offbeat, Heartwarming Documentary About Our Inexorably Broken Political System"

LA Weekly:"It’s always refreshing when a documentary decides to be different."

Spectrum 1 News: “I hope everyone can see themselves in the movie and see how they can change their city because it's not just saying Amarillo, this is everywhere,”

Variety: "20-something Amarillo musician whose joke campaign for city council takes on a life of its own."

Robert Ebert: "There's something to be cherished about rare moments when the big names step away from the limelight, leaving room for smaller but just as mighty filmmakers. 

CBS Austin: “Shining a light on voter suppression and PACs that not only keep the wealthiest in charge by throwing big money into small campaigns, but then governing in their own best interests.

Chicago Tribune: "It could’ve been any number, but these were all films that we were 100% behind."

Austin Chronicle: "Kid Candidate is not some Knock Down the House-esque political Cinderella story."

Ears wide shut (radio 31min mark): "If we all do something, we can change things."

Austin 360: "I would argue that it is the best documentary on Amarillo ever made"

Music city drive-in: "Kid Candidate is a remarkable look at how one kids act of courage will influence generations to come."

Robert ebert “Kid Candidate is both an endearing character study of Pedigo and a well-informed examination of municipal politics."

No School Film: "Hayden's early campaign videos were like punk-rock smears of action."

Cinematic favs: "A real treat."

Daily dot: "SXSW Film went back to the festival’s indie roots."

Amarillo globe: "I would argue that it is the best documentary on Amarillo ever made." 

fox 4 beaumont: "Kid Candidate reinforces the notion that we are in the middle of an uprising of young people who want their voices to be heard."

KXAN: "He actually realized what he was doing could make a real impact."

In review : "Such wit and charm is a testament to Stodel’s prowess as a filmmaker."

Daily dot: "Surprisingly moving"

The only critic: "Kid Candidate encourages its viewers to get involved at the local level and to explore local municipalities."

cinapse: "The beauty of the narrative arc in Kid Candidate is seeing Pedigo transition from a Harmony Korine-inspired street artist to a thoughtful, caring candidate."

Film inquiry: "Kid Candidate is an effective microcosm of small-town American politics."

Texas Standard: "He was a kid in the political arena. And it is a little bit of a David and Goliath story about youth against age."

The Sunbreak: "It’s a loving portrait of Amarillo and all of its 200,000 people."

 Film Threat:“A punk rock celebration of the call to truly help one’s community."

Robert Ebert:Kid Candidate is both an endearing character study of Pedigo and a well-informed examination of municipal politics."

Geek Vibes Nation: "Fun and insightful…This is the inspirational tale we need right now"

Cinevue: "Kid Candidate is a plucky little contender."

EFilmCritic: "Does an interesting job of providing a frontline view of just how difficult it is for outsiders to get a place at the table"

film book: "It’s always inspiring to see stories wherein genuine care inspires people’s decisions beyond self-serving means."

flixist: "Vote for Pedigo."

Movies with gravy: "Made me wish I was 24 so I could run for public office"

the shelf: "Stodel does an excellent job conveying how municipal policies directly affect the town’s resident"

A Movie guy: "Kid Candidate is excellent documentary filmmaking."

Elements of madness: "Refreshing political documentary"

Flickering myth: "An affecting personal portrait of Pedigo the man"

The Moveable fest: "Jasmine Stodel’s 'Kid Candidate' Offers a Smart Look Beyond the Ballot"

Shuffle Online: "Absolutely eye-opening…the rare political documentary that may leave you with hope"

Texas Monthly: "Stodel’s film argues that the mere existence of Pedigo’s campaign counts as a victory anyway."

Film Fest Report: "With empathy and curiosity, director Jasmine Stodel crafts a touching, pragmatic and powerful contemporary film."

the lamplight review: " Kid Candidate is a fascinating look at just how broken our political systems have become"

The Movie Buff: "Exhilarating, Eye-Opening, and Surprisingly Funny…balances comedy, reality, and hope in such an exquisite way"

ktxs12 ABC: "Kid Candidate accurately depicts some big issues"

Studio 4: "This movie's not just about Amarillo, it's about all cities"

Hammer tonail: Funny, touching and in parts infuriating…Stodel does some nice investigative work."

In Their own league: "A gem of a film"

kfox14: "While the film itself might be a little breezy and slight, there’s a level of sincerity that emerges and ultimately shines through."

Hppr: "Shines a spotlight on communities he feels are underrepresented in city government."

Amarillo Pioneer (Podcast): "California-based documentary filmmaker and the director of the critically acclaimed new film, Kid Candidate."

SWell (Podcast): "Her first feature is premiering at SXSW. How did she get here?"

"The Hollywood Outsider (Podcast): "The story of Hayden Pedigo, an 24-year old experimental musician and his unlikely run for Amarillo city council

Office Hours Live (Watch): "We continue our important work documenting the great documentaries of our time with star Hayden Pedigo and director Jasmine Stodel."

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