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"Commencement Is Only The Beginning. Remember It, Forever."


Honor Your Senior Class Like Never Before

Created By Homer Salinas


The Senior Commencement Film is a unique way to remember and document your senior class. Give each student the spotlight by allowing them to express their future career goals. In these particular examples, we created a video honoring the top 10% ranked seniors of the RGCISD in South Texas. The applications for this video are limitless. From Sports Banquets to Scholarship Night, this video is a new way to commemorate a senior class and remember them as their aspirations become reality. 

Learn The Aspirations Of Your Students

In a banquet setting, this film performs phenomenally. Each parent that attends has the privilege to witness their young adult express their goals while they are boasting their future universities. Parents also have the opportunity to see their children's peers speak about their aspirations. Each family leaves with a DVD version of the presentation. Therefore, they take home a motion picture yearbook of the top students of their son or daughter's class. 

As seen in the visual representations above, we collect three pictures of each student that represent distinct moments in the student's life that have led up to their commencement.

After viewing the student's pictures, we meet the current senior version of the student describing his or her life goals. Accompanying the interview we have motion graphics laying out the student's name, class rank, GPA, and planned university to attend.

We provide a high quality production that leaves High Schools and School Districts at ease when coming up with video solutions for their commemorative events. You don't have to worry about creating impromptu slide shows for student banquets when you hire us. Our services provide production at 4K video resolution ensuring a beautiful crisp image. We believe this video also has great application on the school's website.

Create A Video That Represents Your School

From accolades awarded by the state to a successful athletic department, use these successes on your new and professional school video. Each institution has a unique quality that distinguishes it from other schools. We want to help represent that uniqueness with moving images as shown in the example above.

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